States & Nationals Information – here’s what you need to know.

April 28, 2022

Regardless of whether you’re a first time competitor or a seasoned professional, please find the information below a handy cheat sheet for competing at a big competition.


  • Double, Triple and Quadruple check check before you leave home – do you have ALL your:
    • SKATES, wheels and tools
    • costumes (and accessories – including hairpieces, arm sparkle, bracelets)
    • stockings – plus a spare pare of stockings
    • a spare pair of skate laces in case yours break
    • skating undies
    • the “right pair of socks” (or two if doing more than one event)
    • boot covers (beige if wearing over the boot stockings/black for boys)
    • makeup, makeup remover, bobby pins, hairspray, hair ties and hair sparkle etc
    • joggers/sports shoes
    • A fix-it kit incase something goes wrong – needle and thread, band aids, safety pins, Panadol, tissues, baby wipes

State Championship March Past

  • All Club Members are welcome and encouraged to participate in the opening ceremony. The March Past is the opportunity for the club to come together and show our support to the team.
  • No need to RSVP.
  • Be at Mt Warren Sports Stadium at 4.30pm
  • The ceremony starts at 5.00pm
  • Parents are to sit in the chairs on the road side of the stadium in our allocated seating area.
  • YOU MUST WEAR: Club Tracksuit and polo shirt + plus club tracksuit jacket if cold, and sports shoes. (Please note: you will NOT be allowed to march if you arrive in club leggings, shorts, singlet, t-shirt or warm up Jacket)
    • Hair Neat and Tidy.
    • Bring Blue, Green & Gold balloons, and streamers


  • Entry is free and spectators are welcome at any time during the event 
  • Event commences Friday night at 5pm and continues all day and night Saturday and then again from 7AM Sunday to later in the evening Sunday night – See Program 
  • Remember good sportsmanship – cheer for all of the Competitiors (can be louder for our club)
  • Remember to wait in the snack bar area whilst a skater is competing. Please no walking around inside the court/rink area when skaters are performing. You may move around during warm ups. 
  • No chairs, bean bags etc are necessary for State and National Championships – white chairs are provided and arranged around the skating area See seating plan
  • Throw outs – it is traditional in skating competitions of this level to “throw out” a prize or teddy to show your appreciation for the skater – there is no expectation that you do this for all skaters, or even every skater in our club, but there are teddys and small toys available to buy for your favourite skaters. 
  • Lolly bags are also popular – however please ensure that all bags are secured closed and lollies are not loose with a risk of being disbursed accidentally all over the skating area.
  • If you are rostered onto help as a volunteer, please ensure you are on time and ensure you remain impartial whilst in that role. 
  • If you are working on the officials side of the skating arena (announcing, video, computer work, data operator etc) please ensure you are in appropriate clothing and not wearing club merchandise in this instance)
  • If you are in the stands and cheering our club on – you are welcome to wear club colours or the club supporter shirt.


  • If your child has been nominated to be a pixie – congratulations – the kids love this and it gets them excited about succeeding at their skating career!
  • Please ensure that your child is ready to go at their nominated time – if you are unsure what time this is, please ask a committee member
  • Hair up, neat and tidy in a bun is the easiest, some nice subtle make up – just like at a league
  • Competition leotard, stockings with no holes
  • Skates in good working order
  • Their role is to collect the throw-outs after a skater has completed their dance – they will be give a little basket, they will skate down towards the crowd if flowers, toys or lollies are thrown out for the skater once they have completed their routine, and collect the items in their basket and then bring it all back to the skater, while the skater waits for their marks.
  • Simply drop your child at your nominated time off to the Marshall near the blue curtain area and they will be guided on what to do – if they need help with putting their skates on, you can do this just outside the ladies toilets (side note – please ensure that your child goes to the toilet if they are little before they start their stint as a pixie)
  • Any questions, ask a committee member  – there will be one there at all times during the weekend


Our competitive Artistic Rollerskating club produces National and International Champions in the disciplines of Dance, Free Dance, Figures & Quartet.


Contact Pine Rivers Rollercade using Facebook Messenger.

*Note: this is a community club, staffed by club volunteers. If you do not get an immediate response, please be patient, a member of the club will respond to you asap.


Pine Rivers Rollercade are extremely fortunate to call Skateaway Albany Creek our home rink. We are eternally grateful to the management and staff for their unwavering support and assistance.

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