Information vital to Nationals 2023

May 6, 2023

From Helen

Please note that once you submit your nomination forms payment must be made even if the skater withdraws.

Please note information from the Championship Notice –


  • Please register at and insert names and accreditation details, names of skaters and events for the championships.  States and National Federations for International skaters are to supply to the Chair Australian Artistic Coaches Committee a list of names of coaches no later than 12th June.  A late entry fee of $20 may be charged

Music (will be submitted from States music unless notified)

(a)     Certification MUST be on the World Skate Form.  The music certification must be legible and specific to the skater (s) and the event in question.

(b)     Music MUST be certified by a person who is a qualified musician and/or a certified teacher of music.  This means a recognised degree in music or a recognised qualification to teach music professionally and does not include dance teachers, unqualified people who teach music and/or play in a band or orchestra or sound engineers who do not have a qualification in music.

(c)     Music must be submitted in MP3 format together with the certificate and clearly labelled with the name of the skater and the event (see below).  Any section of music that has a strict tempo requirement must be submitted as a separate MP3 file for easy checking to ensure the selection is in accordance with World Skate rules.  This means that there must be 2 music tracks submitted in this instance, one being the full piece of music for the routine, and the other being the extract of the strict tempo section of the routine music.

(d)     Music should be submitted for checking as soon as finalised and certified so that any issues can be resolved to avoid problems at the competition.

(e)     Labelling of Music:

(i)      Music must be submitted on separate MP3 files for each skater and each event or part thereof labelled as follows:

Skater’s Name_Skater’s Last Name_Category (Cadet, Senior etc), Discipline (solo dance, Free Skating etc) Short/long/style/ free dance)

Precision and Show should be labelled with Name of Group and Title of Show

(f)      Skaters should also have at the competition, music in MP3 format on a USB as back up.  This does not need to be submitted but must be available if needed

A drop box account will be created for each State where the Chair of the State Artistic Committee or delegate is to upload all music by June 12th.


A late fee of $25 may be imposed for each piece of music that has not been received by the due date.

Content Lists (will be submitted from States music unless notified)

  • Please have content lists uploaded by midday 23 May and I (Helen) will forward to Jasmin

Coaches must familiarise themselves with the information in the Championship Notice


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