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December 6, 2022

Annual General Meeting Agenda 

Pine Rivers Rollercade Roller Sports Club Inc.

Date and Time: Monday 5 December 2022, commencing at 7:00 pm.

Venue: Google Meet



  1. Attendance and Apologies

Brooke Mackenzie, Bernard MacNaught, Carmen Michal, Sarah Arthur, Leanne Roser, Sandra Hammond, Jason Cridland, Mia Michal Bax, Marion Cridland, Jodie Johnson Garufo, Magdalena Suder, Sally Armfield

2. Minutes of the 2021 Annual General meeting

Proposed: Bernard MacNaught Seconded: Carmen Michal

3. Confirmation of the Minutes of the previous meeting

Proposed: Brooke Mackenzie Seconded: Sarah Arthur

4. Presentation of Reports
– President

President report – AGM 2022

  • Yearly wrap up
    • New Committee members have worked well together over the year and we have implement many new processes and practices into the “running side” of the club
      • Website was refreshed – Including STRIPE for online payments and online ordering of Uniforms and Hoodies 😊
      • Transitioning into the use of Xero to run the clubs books and for the first time we have trialled the use of Xero to raise invoices / issue nomination advice to our skaters!
      • We have streamlined the process to join and renew with the club – look our for your renewal paperwork and annual invoice over the coming weeks.
      • The Internal and External Facebook pages were refreshed with lots of traffic across the year 
  • Competitions
    • Only a few things were cancelled this year which was less than 2021 – I hope we get a full year of skating in next year, although the calendar is Jam packed in the first half of 2023!!
  • States, Nationals, Oceanias and Worlds
    • Proud is an understatement – what an amazing club we have with some exceptionally talented skaters
  • Clubs
    • On Sunday we had our annual club championships 
    • I am proud to say we had 72 skaters nominated to compete with 67 actually competing on the day
    • It was a crazy busy and exciting 3 hours and I hope all of our skaters and families enjoyed the morning!

The committee is always available for a chat at the rink – constructive feedback and suggestions are always welcome – pending the outcome of the Election of the new Committee for 2023!

I am very grateful for the support that I get from my fellow Committee, Jodie, Robert and Kathleen and our skater parents and friends – it takes a Village!! Thank you 

In closing, I hope to see you all on Thursday this week as we finish off our club championship event with the speed skate, presentations, Pizza and a general skate. If you are unable to make it, please have a safe and happy festive season and we will see you bright and early in January for another amazing year!


2022 has certainly been the year for lots of changes. The club has embraced technology and we have made some amazing improvements to the way we operate. From going online to complete your club membership to being able to invoice members & pay by credit card. Xero software has been implemented and is working well, the bank transactions come in automatically which make reconciling a dream. We have also started an inventory system with tracking & are invoicing skaters directly from Xero. The Club Champs was our test and it worked brilliantly. Most skaters paid by Stripe which automatically reconciles in Xero.

Total Income $47,773.30

Cost of Sales $40,701.85

General Expenses $ 3,103.11

Net Profit $ 3,968.34

Fundraising Income $ 635.40 (Xmas Raffle & Easter Raffle)

Containers Change $ 634.70 Very Successful

We received a $2,000 Grant from the Qld Govt Active Clubs Program. This will be spent on pieces of equipment eg: yoga mats

A very big thank you to everyone involved. It has been a fantastic year and look forward to seeing where we are in 12 months time.

– Artistic Representative

Our first full year of competition since COVID struck has been a busy one. We’ve had a full year of leagues with all 3 rounds of Non Rollart, Elementary, Secondary, National Advanced and International Advanced all proceeding, even if a little delayed by flooding at the start of the year.

In addition to the league schedule Brisbane hosted both the Qld State Championships and the National Championships. Thank you once again to all our volunteers who made these events a success.

And then there were 6 test events held throughout the year which were all generally successful for our skaters. Unfortunately, though gold tests were once again hard to come by.

There was also a series of Talent Development camps and we even held one of these at South Pine with the special guest Jayson Sutcliffe. We thank him once again for his continuing support of our club and Skate Qld in general.

It wasn’t only local competition this year however, some of our club members also travelled the world representing Australia with Quinn and Sophia heading off to Portugal for their World Cup round, Abbie, Georgia, Sandra, Jess, Kya. Belinda and Mell all heading off to New Zealand for Ocies and Rory and Caitlyn heading to Argentina for the World Roller Games. A huge congratulations to all of you for your selection and know that this year you all did us proud.

Yesterday we also held our Club Championships, this event will continue this Thursday with our final event, the Speed Relay. This will be followed by the club breakup pizza party. A great fun event was had by all and well done to all our skaters, Bronze ADP all the way through to our international skaters. It is a testament to our club and how we support each other that those starting out can enjoy a day with those at the very top of their game, so thank you everyone. A special thanks needs to go out to All of those who made the day possible, I know that this event I had a chance to step back for a bit, so I thank you all.

So now we look forward to 2023, the program is once again a full dance card so everyone have a great end of year and we’ll hit the ground running in 2023!

– Registrar

Membership as of 4th December 2022:

  • Competitive: 111
  • Associates: 7

Total: 118

Total New members included in 2022: 34

(Total new includes 6 x 14-month memberships from 2021/2022)

Potential members not returning for 2023 (competitive): 13-16


Membership increase for 2022:

  • Competitive: 27 (including 9 x 13-month memberships 2022/2023)
  • Associate: 1

Total: 28

Carried over from 2021/2022:

14-month membership: 6 (carried over into 2022)

Total: 34


Renewal numbers as of 25th February 2022:

  • Competitive: 84
  • Associates: 6

Total: 90

Total included in above: NEW – 2 x Associates, 2 x Competitive, 6 x 14-membership)

New renewal process to trial (as agreed with Skate QLD) for 2023:

We are hoping to streamline the process for both the club and Skate QLD. We will test the process when the committee members are renewed. A form will be created on the website to confirm if the details are the same as in 2022 or whether there are any changes. At the time of renewal with Skate QLD, a file will be emailed rather than individual forms so the previous details can be used with then only an updated date for renewal. If details have changed that will be noted for changes in Revolutionise.

The payment summary will still be sent as this is also used as our payment records as well as Skate QLD. No changes to the process for new members.

SIA Training changes for 2023

In 2022 we were unaware at the beginning of the year that those turning 12 during 2022 would need to upgrade their SIA training during the year. We proposed in June that we would for the 2023 renewals and, for new members, ask those turning 12 during 2023 to complete (at the renewal stage or when joining) the 12 and over SIA training. This saves us from having to chase for updated certificates and potentially causing issues if an update is not done in time for competitions. The aim is to try to avoid any unnecessary stress or worry for the Club, skater, and family.

Helen Lloyd Jones suggested she would also look at following the same as our proposal for 2023. For this to happen when we send out the details for the renewals for the existing members we would need to communicate to the parents if turning 12 during 2023 to complete the ‘12 and over’ course.

For new members during 2023 I can communicate this when they join. New Member Induction process introduced in 2022

A checklist is now being provided when the skater passes Bronze ADP to join the club:

  • Membership Process club/SA
  • Sports Integrity Australia Training
  • Club uniform to order
  • Medical Form
  • What Facebook pages to join (added recently)
  • Where to view ‘Jodie Rules’ (added for 2023)


5. Appointment of Life Members
From a club perspective, we have some life members on our list of members. We are able to nominate 8 life members, but currently have 3. John Davis, sadly passed away during 2022.
Current life members as at 5/12/22

  • Eileen Sutton may have passed – Brooke investigating). 
  • Rae Davis
  • Tanya Tittman

Carmen Michal, as an ordinary member of the club has proposed that we induct:

Motion passed unanimously.

Sandra to send a formal letter to the recipients of Life Membership. 

6. Appointment of Auditor 

Auditor, Graeme Whyte, Metro Audit Services has confirmed that they will match the price that we paid ($495) this year and this will be honoured in 2023.

Proposed:  Brooke Mackenzie  Seconded: Leanne Roser

7. Election of Management Committee for 2023

– President – Brooke Mackenzie
– Secretary – Sandra Hammond
– Treasurer – Leanne Roser
– Artistic Representative – Bernard MacNaught
– Registrar – Sarah Arthur

8. Other business – Information from Skate Australia

  • Sanction fees are not increasing
  • Event fees are increasing by $0.55
  • Club membership fee to stay the same
  • 14 month membership no longer available from Skate Australia. It is now a 13 month membership. 

9. Closure – AGM closed at 7.43pm


Our competitive Artistic Rollerskating club produces National and International Champions in the disciplines of Dance, Free Dance, Figures & Quartet.


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*Note: this is a community club, staffed by club volunteers. If you do not get an immediate response, please be patient, a member of the club will respond to you asap.


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