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Welcome to the Home Page for the Pine Rivers Rollercade Roller Sports Club Inc.

Pine Rivers Rollercade Roller Sports Club Inc. is an artistic roller skating club based at Skateaway Albany Creek, which is located at the Albany Creek Shopping Centre on Albany Creek Rd, Albany Creek.

Artistic skating includes the disciplines of figures, couples dance, solo dance, freeskating and quartet. Some of our champion senior and junior international skaters in competition for solo style dance and solo freedance are shown on this page. The Our Skaters Page, containing additional photos, has a link to the Media Page with further photographs of our skaters. Please follow the links to related pages to find out more about our club.

Congratulations go to our skaters whose performances at the 2019 Australian Championships, held at Mt Warren Stadium in July 2019, contributed strongly to Queensland winning the overall, figures, dance and quartet trophies. In addition, four of our skaters represented Australia at the 2019 World Roller Games held in Barcelona, Spain in July 2019.

Additional congratulations go to ten of our skaters who represented Australia at the 2019 Oceania Championships conducted in Melbourne during October 2019.

Several Pine Rivers Rollercade skaters represented our Club at the 2019 Americas Cup Competition in Oralando, Florida USA in January 2019.

Representing your Club and your country in international competition is a great honour. More detailed information is available on the News and Results pages of this web site.

The Photos shown on this page include some of our International skaters.



Senior International Solo Style Dance
Senior International Solo Free Dance
Senior International Solo Freedance
Junior International Solo Style Dance
Junior International Solo Free Dance

Photos on this page by Raniero Corbelletti, Robert McPhail, Antonio Alberto.



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