About Us

Pine Rivers Rollercade Roller Sports Club Inc. is an artistic roller skating club based at Skateaway Albany Creek, which is located at the Charter Hall Albany Shopping Centre on Albany Creek Rd, Albany Creek.

The Pine Rivers Rollercade Club was formed in 2004 from a merger between two existing clubs.

Rollercade Skating Club, formerly based in Cleveland, has a rich history in artistic skating dating back to the club’s formation in 1977.  In that time, Rollercade Club has nurtured many skaters who became champions at the State and National level and skaters who have successfully represented Australia in international competition.

Pine Rivers Roller Sports Club was previously based at Lawnton and relocated to Albany Creek in 1999.  Since then, Pine Rivers Club has also developed skaters who became champions at all levels of domestic artistic skating as well as those skaters who represented Australia.

Since the merger in 2004, Pine Rivers Rollercade Roller Sports Club has grown in stature to become one of the strongest artistic skating clubs in Queensland.

We acknowledge the strong support of Marty Surman and his team at Skateaway Albany Creek and Jodie Johnson-Garufo and her accredited coaches who teach our skaters.